The Rose Dome Collection

Step into your own fairy-tale with our enchanting Rose Dome Collection, now featuring the exquisite Heart-Shaped Rose. Choose from our enchanting Rose Dome collection - The Petite being the smallest in our collection, perfect for those small gestures. The Classic, standing at just over 20cm tall and available in two different widths, The Heart Rose Dome which oozes romance and then the attention-commanding Grande, soaring at 30cm. While the Heart-Shaped Roses are exclusively available in Vibrant Red, our Grande Rose Dome Collection offers a wider palette, including the deep Wine Red Rose, perfect for a "Ruby Wedding Anniversary," and the opulent Metallic Gold Rose, an ideal choice for celebrating a "Golden Wedding Anniversary.

The A Little Something Rose Dome Collection is a celebration of grace, sophistication, and enduring beauty. Immerse yourself in the magical world of everlasting love with our Beauty and the Beast-inspired Rose Dome Collection. Make a statement that perfectly captures the significance of your most precious moments, celebrating romance with every preserved petal.

Our roses are real roses, grown and preserved in Ecuador and may occasionally have imperfections in the leaves and petals, this is because they are real and all grow slightly differently.


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